Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hi Bill!

So here comes Bill. He wasn't too good with the directions I gave him. He missed the giant white clock. He called and said all he could see was water. That isn't us, turn around! It was really good to see him. It was almost weird, I mean it wasn't often that we would hang together. It was nice though. We got to talk about life, and I got to show him how my life is here. It is funny being in my element, and it is a different one than my home. This is my home, do you know what I mean?
It was better visiting with him here. A new place, clean slate, adult relationship. Good times.
I asked Bill to teach me how to play guitar. I am home all day, and I think I could relly kick butt! So, he took me to the store and we got some new strings (the ones on my guitar were nearly 4 years old) and a basic guitar book. He showed me a few things and has left me to practice. Sorry Bill, but I haven't practiced much since you left. I have been really busy!
Bill and lola had some great bonding time. She has been scared of facila hair since she was a small nene, but she is getting over it. She loved Bill, and wanted to play music with him. He played the guitar, and she played her piano. However, her idea of playing is turning th casio on and off. Real nice.
Come back, Bill.

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Bill said...

Ashtin, Brian, & Lola,
Thank you so much for having me as a guest in your home & world. I had a wonderful time - one I will cherish for the rest of my days. I am so proud of you all - for the life, home, & space you are building for yourselves and that little girl. Brian - I think your work is facinating and such a positive way to give back instead of exploit. Ashtin - you are doing great things with Lola. One of the reasons she is as bright and advanced as she is is because of the care, nurturing and intellectual feeding - the quality of the parenting that you are providing. I was so impressed. I'm beginning to ramble. Sorry about not hanging out much while you were growing up - I've had some shortfalls as far as parenting is concerned. Hopefully we can make up for that - and all see each other real soon. Take care - & I love you all. P.S. Congrats Brian!!!!!!!! Package is on its way.