Monday, October 05, 2009


I have been having crazy dreams this past few weeks. I think it is being pregnant and not really sleeping, but who really knows.
The other night I had a dream that I was taking a class in a nuclear plant. We were about to take a test and our teacher was giving us instructions. She then said when we were finished she was going to the hospital (also in the plant) to see Jonathan. Well, I figured out that this was my cousin, and asked that i go with her. As I walked down the stairs I see my aunt standing there. She was all frantic ans said my other cousin April would be really happy if I went and sat with them. So, I did.
I get into the room and April is so happy to see me. She says, "Do you want to hold him?" Now keep in mind that Jonathan and April are adults. I say, "okay," and they hand me a white potato bug with foil on his head. Inside the foil is a raw chicken breast (obviously his brain). Weird. He then says, "I want to be with my kind." WTF? I turn my head to look at April and he runs away.
I spent the rest of the night searching shagg carpet looking for a freaking potato bug. I wish I could just get some sleep!