Sunday, May 13, 2007

What the Hell?

This is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you see the fecal matter that fell on his lip? Sick! I used to think this guy was cute, but after that... I don't know. Does he have a girlfriend? Do you think she also likes bodaggets?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I had a breakdown. I feel like "the Devil" is taking over the world. I don't want to be a crappy mom. I am compromising my beliefs and values for health insurance. I cried, I pondered, I talked it out. You know what? Brian said I don't have to work there. So, Peace Out Devil! Thanks Brian. I love you.


BH is The BEST

Don't be sick, BH stands for Brian Hart. The End!

So, my husband din't order announcements. Okay, lets just make our own. We made our wedding invitations, this will be easy. The sad part is, his graduation is way too early for grad stuff to be in stores. We looked, I promise, but Brian had his heart set on the pearlized wedding invites. I was soooo embarrased (and not just because I can't spell the word) that he was going to send them out. Mortified! So, I went back to the store, found some blank cards, stole the logo from Cascade, and spent 7 hours getting the flipping things right. Announcements...DONE!

We hop into the van and head down to Portland. Of course we are stuck in horrible traffic and make it 35 miles form home when our van dies in the fast lane. We make it over, and realize that our transmission took a dump on us. A hot carl you might say. We make arrangements for the van to be towed, and while we are waiting the van decides to work. so, we drive the piece of hud home.

Saturday morning, the day of graduation, we hop into the Jetta and head to P-Town. This is a day we have been waiting for. This makes all his hard work and sacrifice official. This is the end of a really long chapter in Brian's life. This Is The Day! Everyone was there. I could list the names, but I don't want to. The ceremony was forever long, so Lola and I ran around outsid for about an hour and a half. We were there for the most important part... the walk. He looked so proud! I loved seeing him in such an awesome moment! Go BH Go! You are the BEST!

After the ceremony there was a reception where people were supposed to mingle. I haven't been to a graduation before (I'm the kind of girl who doesn't do that thing) so I thought it was weird that the professors were also in robes. I have a photo for you.

Check out the guy in the red. Is it just me, or did he graduate from Hogwarts? I thought this was a Christian school. So the question remains... why is this dude dressed as a warlock?

After we went to Aunt Brenda and Uncle Kevins house for some family festivities. We ate spaghetti, and the best bread ever. It was good to see everyone. We miss family. We miss you guys a lot.

Becky and Seth

On Thursday Lola and i headed back to the airport. Lola was so excited and was sure that we were there to pick up Suesue. You can imagine her dissappointment when we took Becky and Seth home. Of course Becky tried to bribe my sweet child with a necklace. It worked beautifully. She was in love, and not just with Becky. Lola has her first boy crush, and his name is Seth. I feel so bad because I didn't get any pictures of their trip. So... Oh well!
Did I tell you I got a job working for the Devil?

That is right, I got a job with Starbucks.

So, while my dear friends were here, I had to do 2.5 hours of boring training. The next day we went to meet Ashley, Seth's sister, and her sweet baby, Henry. They were so cute! Since we were headed to Portland later that evening, we were dropping Becky and Seth off. When we left and Lola realized she had to say goodbye, she had a melt down. She was sobbing, screaming, and throwing things. It was very sad. That night when we put Lola to bead we talked about her day. She named all of our visitors and after each one she held her hands up and said gone. Suesue... gone. Becky... gone. Wynntits... gone. It was so very sad.

And Then We Had Friends

So, last Friday Tate and Jodi came up to visit. Lola stayed home with the girls, and we went out as adults! was AWESOME! it is nice to have an adult conversation with Brian and our friends.
On Saturday, we went to see Jimi Hendrix's grave. Talk about weird. Fist off, he is burried in Renton, WA. The only thing Renton has going for it is the Ikea. Anyway, there is nobody around him. Well, his parents and grandmother are there, but that is it. And people leave weird crap there. There was some dirty baseball cap, flowers, baby socks, and a bunch of european people draped over his head stone.
I guess now is the time to tell you about our new car. We had wanted a minivan and bought one for that matter, but it had a really bad transmission. Luckily the guy took it back. Anyway, we got a 1993 VW Eurovan! Super cool with a seat that folds ito a table. Now if you knew me long ago you should know that I LOVE the VW Bus. However, the Bus isn't the most safe or reliable vehicle. The Eurovan is the perfect solution! Not quite a hippie van, but not a minivan! We are officially Yuppy scum. I love it.
Well, since we have had the van, I have been having crazy dreams. The most recent had something to do with Jimi as an elephant, Mr. Belding, the Van, the Garden of Eden and my family. I did my best to make it into the following movie.

On Sunday Tate and Jodi left. We were sad, but happy to have a moment to ourselves.

Let the Good Times Roll

The Girls Are Here!

The plan was to have Wynni's birthday celebration on the beach, but it was raining. So, we ate dinner and cake at the house. I was so happy to see my girls! This is the first time I have had any of them here in Seattle, but the very first time to have Wendy in any of my adult homes. Yeah!
Wynni wanted to do everything, but she wasn't too keen on waking up early. So, we rolled out of the house by 11:30 every day. We went to Pike's Place Market, Deception Pass, the Tulip Festival in La Conner, Lavender Wind Farms, the beach, the EMP, the Olympic Sculpture Park... and i am sure 10,000 other places. We had so much fun!
After a day of shopping, we were tired and starving. Brian called and said to meet him at the beach. We arrived to find a bucket of chicken and a fire. The sun was almost down, and the night was calm. It was beautiful! He is the best husband! Anyway, Wynnni was able to have her b-day beach celebration after all.
Lola follows mom around and got to spend lots of time with her aunties. Oh, I hated to see them go. :(


Hi Bill!

So here comes Bill. He wasn't too good with the directions I gave him. He missed the giant white clock. He called and said all he could see was water. That isn't us, turn around! It was really good to see him. It was almost weird, I mean it wasn't often that we would hang together. It was nice though. We got to talk about life, and I got to show him how my life is here. It is funny being in my element, and it is a different one than my home. This is my home, do you know what I mean?
It was better visiting with him here. A new place, clean slate, adult relationship. Good times.
I asked Bill to teach me how to play guitar. I am home all day, and I think I could relly kick butt! So, he took me to the store and we got some new strings (the ones on my guitar were nearly 4 years old) and a basic guitar book. He showed me a few things and has left me to practice. Sorry Bill, but I haven't practiced much since you left. I have been really busy!
Bill and lola had some great bonding time. She has been scared of facila hair since she was a small nene, but she is getting over it. She loved Bill, and wanted to play music with him. He played the guitar, and she played her piano. However, her idea of playing is turning th casio on and off. Real nice.
Come back, Bill.

They are Coming

Well... This has been a very busy few weeks. It started with a call from Becky saying she wanted to come and visit! Yeah! I was so excited to have her. So, she said she could come out April 26th. Plenty of time!!!
Then there was a Southwest Ding. Flights from SLC to Seattle were $29.00 each way. Plus the deal started on April 16th, Wynni's birthday! Awesome! So, I called mom, and she set things up. Mom Wynni, and Wendy were coming out from the 16th to the 21st. Great! Wait, Crap. Tate and jodi will be in town from the 20th to the 22nd. This was planned log before. CRAP! So I call Tate and Jodi and they are cool with sharing a night, plus we would have a sitter so we could go out!
The phone rings. It is Bill. Weird, he never calls. What do you say? You are going to be in town the 12th to the 14th? We would LOVE to have you!
In the meantime, my dear sweet hubby is talking to his dad about graduation. He thinks it will be in late May. So, he decides to check Cascade's website. Nope! Shoot, the graduation is in just 24 days away! Do we have announcements? Nope. Do we have time to figure things out? Yep.