Wednesday, May 02, 2007

BH is The BEST

Don't be sick, BH stands for Brian Hart. The End!

So, my husband din't order announcements. Okay, lets just make our own. We made our wedding invitations, this will be easy. The sad part is, his graduation is way too early for grad stuff to be in stores. We looked, I promise, but Brian had his heart set on the pearlized wedding invites. I was soooo embarrased (and not just because I can't spell the word) that he was going to send them out. Mortified! So, I went back to the store, found some blank cards, stole the logo from Cascade, and spent 7 hours getting the flipping things right. Announcements...DONE!

We hop into the van and head down to Portland. Of course we are stuck in horrible traffic and make it 35 miles form home when our van dies in the fast lane. We make it over, and realize that our transmission took a dump on us. A hot carl you might say. We make arrangements for the van to be towed, and while we are waiting the van decides to work. so, we drive the piece of hud home.

Saturday morning, the day of graduation, we hop into the Jetta and head to P-Town. This is a day we have been waiting for. This makes all his hard work and sacrifice official. This is the end of a really long chapter in Brian's life. This Is The Day! Everyone was there. I could list the names, but I don't want to. The ceremony was forever long, so Lola and I ran around outsid for about an hour and a half. We were there for the most important part... the walk. He looked so proud! I loved seeing him in such an awesome moment! Go BH Go! You are the BEST!

After the ceremony there was a reception where people were supposed to mingle. I haven't been to a graduation before (I'm the kind of girl who doesn't do that thing) so I thought it was weird that the professors were also in robes. I have a photo for you.

Check out the guy in the red. Is it just me, or did he graduate from Hogwarts? I thought this was a Christian school. So the question remains... why is this dude dressed as a warlock?

After we went to Aunt Brenda and Uncle Kevins house for some family festivities. We ate spaghetti, and the best bread ever. It was good to see everyone. We miss family. We miss you guys a lot.

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