Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wild Eyes

I am now that mom. I have the wild look in my eye. The look you recognize in someone else and hope you never wear- I have it. I remember hearing mothers talk about doing the grocery shopping in the middle of the night. I would think, you are crazy... just go to the store in the daytime like a normal person. Well, I have done it. In fact, it was just the other night. I left the house at 11:20 pm to go grocery shopping. I was wearing sweats (remember the days when I thought people wearing sweats out of the house had given up on life?) a tank top with vomit, Uggs and a parka. I was looking hot! Anyway, I did my shopping and ENJOYED myself! I was alone! I could look at (or not look at) whatever I wanted. I didn't have to hurry! I didn't have to explain everything from colors, to products, to my reasons why! It was GLORIOUS! The feeling wore off when I got the register with 4 WIC checks, but for 20 whole minutes, I was just me.