Monday, January 29, 2007

Miss Lola Jane

Lola hasn't been sleeping well since the move. She was such a great baby when it came to sleeping through the night. Theings were great, then we went to Hawaii and moved. Since we were in Hawaii she has been waking up at 1:30 and wanting to get into bed with us. For Brian's sanity, I have been sleeping in Lola's room with her. So last night I tried something new. I put her in the big bed and stayed with her until she fell asleep. Guess what? She slept the entire night!! It was awesome.

Now in case you didn't know, Lola is an artist. Each day she draws amazing things that I get to "find." It is a lot like finding figures in the clouds. She has drawn a surfing dog, snakes, a tree, etc. The drawings are abstract and I love each one. Then she drew something amazing today. I have included a photo of it.

It is very Tim Burton if you ask me- Corpse Bride, anyone? There is a woman's face (in the upper left) that appears to be looking at a blob like baby(lower right). I think it is very telling about her current sleep problem. So, I have named the piece "Seperation Anxiety."
What do you think of the picture? Tell me. What does it say to you? Can you believe this is the work of a 16 month old? I know... she is soooooooo advanced! ;)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Wade v. Barney

So remember when Wade moved to Mexico and nobody really hears from him anymore. I mean occasional phone calls, but we don't really know what he is doing there. Is he making beautiful lamps? Is he running some weird Internet/ phone business? NO.

Lola was watching Barney yesterday and Barney's voice is soooooooo familiar! Then it hit me... it is Wade! I am so serious. I think he moved to Mexico to become Barney, the big purple dinosaur? What, you don't believe me? Watch it and tell me I am wrong.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Girls Love Arnold

This morning I was watching Saved By The Bell while folding the whites when I noticed Lola wasn't in the room. I called her name and looked in both her room and the bathroom- not there either! So I head down the stairs when I hear a man's voice coming from the living room. Yikes, I am scared! Don't worry, it was just Arnold! Lola decided to go to the living room to watch the Terminator- a GREAT movie for a 16 month old!

Then I got thinking about Winnie and how she loved Arnold when she was a kid. She called him Ort-snot-snake-snagger. Hahaha!

So, the question is, What do young girls see in him?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Our REAL Home

So, remember when I said that the crazy lady told us to leave our apartment with the blue cupboards... well, I have really nice oak ones now! Nice and plenty of them!!!!!!!!
Remember when we had to sell our dining table because we didn't have room... well, we have room now! Does anyone know where we can get a free one up here?
Remember when we were going to use our coffee table as our dining table in the crappy house... well, now it is being used in our formal sitting area. Pretty sweet :)
Remember when Lola had to live in a room with a supermarket floor... well, now she has carpet in her room. She loves it. We even have the spare bed in her room. This place is HUUUUUUUUUUUGE!
So to the mean old lady that thought my baby was to loud... our house is better than your house. More expensive, but much better. Peace Out Sucka!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The longest month EVER

It has been nearly 1 month since we have had the internet in our house and I have been going crazy! I am so glad to be back! Things have been up and down, but we are back on the up. We are in our new home and we LOVE it. The apartment with the blue kitchen didn't work out. The lady was crazy and hated Lola. We were there for 2 days and she told us that we would have to find a new place because the baby was too loud. Then she stood there and looked at Lola and told me how cute she was... I wanted to poke her eyes out! We figured it out and we moved our things 7 times just for this move! Yuck! Anyway, our new place is awesome. Lola loves it, we have tons of space, and it is in the cutest little town (Mukilteo) that has shingled homes and a ferry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, start planning a trip up here because there is lots to do and we want visitors.