Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Girls Love Arnold

This morning I was watching Saved By The Bell while folding the whites when I noticed Lola wasn't in the room. I called her name and looked in both her room and the bathroom- not there either! So I head down the stairs when I hear a man's voice coming from the living room. Yikes, I am scared! Don't worry, it was just Arnold! Lola decided to go to the living room to watch the Terminator- a GREAT movie for a 16 month old!

Then I got thinking about Winnie and how she loved Arnold when she was a kid. She called him Ort-snot-snake-snagger. Hahaha!

So, the question is, What do young girls see in him?


Wynnstyn said...

um pretty sure you spelled my name wrong!! that makes me's been way to long

Ashtin Hart said...

Do I really suck that bad? I never did spell Wynnie (is that the way you decided to spell it?) because I was out of the house when you and Madison decided to use the "ie" in your names. So just to be safe, I always wrote Wynn, or Wynnstyn. I am sorry. And it has been too long.