Friday, June 22, 2007

It's been a while

I know you are wondering about our anniversary/camping trip, so here goes. It rained. We woke up on Saturday morning to a wall of water falling from the sky! We decided that we would just go to Deception Pass, hike around and decide if we could really camp. I was being sooo brave.

So we packed up our Subaru and hit the road. For some reason we are awake at the crack of dawn on weekends, and we make it to the campsite 3 hours before check-in. Great! So we walked in the rain, we looked at the ocean, we watched people fishing on the dock. It continued to rain while we set up our camp.

Lola had her rain boots on and while trying to get up onto the picnic table, she slipped and hit her face. She cut the flap of skin that holds your lip to your gums. It was horrible. Her first injury and we are camping! I was way more upset than she was. She was off to eat dirt in no time.

Then it happened, the rain stopped and our trip was redeemed! I made spicy chicken, bananna royale dessert, we had s'mores... we ate until we were sick. When bedtime rolled around, Lola was ready to go. She stood by the car screaming, "DONE! Done! Hoooome!" She thought I was crazy when I told her we were sleeping in the tent. Thankfully, we had our DVD player. So, we snuggled by the fire and watched Charlotte's Web. Not only did Charlotte save Wilbur's life, she saved my sanity.
We were up at the crack and driving out of the park at 7:59 am. We were ready to go home. Good times. I can't wait until next year ;)

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Brian loves to turn the Tyra Banks Show on because he is amazed at the stupid things they talk about. I tease him and say he really loves the show (I mean the guy loves COPS... anything is possible). Anyway, this clip went too far- even for Brian. Is this really what pretty girls talk about?

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Blahhhh! I am so sick of the RAIN! I am mad that the VERY moment I get outside to run it starts to rain! I am sad that my daughter can point out the moon, but doesn't really know what the sun is. In fact, she screams when it is out. If the sun is in her eye, you had better get some ear plugs. Pretty effing LAME! I just want summer. I am tired of being cold. I need the sun to melt this icy shell that has formed since we moved here.
Sorry about the grumpy words. It is just that we have had a peek of summer. Four whole days of sunshine! I wore a t-shirt outside! It was awesome! Then it began to rain.
So then, thinking that summer was here to stay, I reserved a camping spot for our anniversary adventure in Deception Pass. Stupid me. You may know that I am not a big camper, not because I don't like it, but because I am not sure I like it. Anyway, do you want to take a guess at the weather forcast??? Yup, temps of 56/47 with rain. stupid stupid me!
The End.