Monday, August 18, 2008


When do parents get the luxury of not dealing with poop anymore? Why did Lola have a poop accident (that she apparently didn't know about), rub it all over her belly and the toilet seat? Why did I find a "chocolate chip" on my side of the bed? Why did fecal matter try to ruin my sleep? At least I have a good sense of humor. hahaha! poop the bed!

Saturday, August 09, 2008


I was supposed to work today. Only, it wasn't the type of work where you keep your mind on the specific task. I was going to help the girls at FL re-arrange the office. This is my favorite thing to do! Plus, I would be setting up "my" office, that is if I decide to apply. Plus, I would be able to chat up the girls and make friends!!! I was excited! I was ready! I was going to make money and friends!

Enter silly husband

Brian was going to take Lola on a bike ride to the beach. He wanted to go to Magic Sands, but I suggested he go to the Keiki ponds. He says how about Kahalou. I say whatever.

Anyway, to make a long story short, he took both sets of keys. WTF? HOw am I supposed to get to work? I could run after him and find him at the beach. Wait, he didn't tell me where he was going. Crap! Oh, I will call him... but look, here is his phone. Double crap!! Anyway, I was hooting mad today. No job, no money, and no friends. :(

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Time I Held a Sea Dong

Yesterday Brian found a delightful suprise at the Keiki ponds. He didn't want to handle the object, so a stranger did the dirty work. So there I am floating in the water when he holds out a sea cucumber. I wasn't too embarassed while the boys laughed at it squirting. Then he washed the sand off and put it in my hand. OHHH! Let me just say, a sea cumber is freakishly firm and bumpy. I am a married woman, and I felt like I was doing something I wasn't supposed to. What was God thinking on the day he decided this was a good creation? Anyway... I am still a bit red in the cheeks! Lucky mermaid.