Monday, May 16, 2011

March 12X12


I mean, LOOK at these PICTURES!  My friends, and former employers, invited us to their son’s 5th birthday. The best birthday party ever!  It was a beautiful day filled with lots of fun, bubbles, d’lish food, new friends, FROSTING and sun!

IMG_0488 IMG_0494 IMG_0497
IMG_0511 IMG_0499 IMG_0527
IMG_0536 IMG_0545 IMG_0507
IMG_0532 IMG_0548 IMG_0552

This was our March 12th of 2011.

1  Hapuna Beach.  AMAZING!  2  Partial family shot.  Maui in the background.  3  Self Photo.  I am all eyes.  4  Liv and the Birthday Boy discovered a HUGE pit on the beach!  They were in heaven, playing with the little animals and shovels that they found.  Ha!  5  This is my 1 year old talking this fine young man into giving her his football.  Ha!  6  Liv enjoyed hanging out in the plastic tote.  Loved it!  7  Lola meeting a girl she really liked.  Perfect match for her; Same age, same spunk,  same love of frosting- can you say CHOCOLATE SUGAR SLAM!   I really need to call them so we can be friends!  8  The family even has a match for that babe!  Brilliant!  9 This is what she proceeded to do when she got the ball!  She thought it was hilarious… she sat there saying "Neigh, neigh!”  while riding the ball.  LOL!  10  The view from  the picnic table- not too bad.  The  guy sitting there is so great!  His business card has a rainbow peace sign and says, Anything-Anytime-Anywhere-Usually.  ♥  11  They had a cool friend/dad for Brian!  WTF?  We may have just met our twin family!!!  CRAZY!  12  The Birthday Boy LOVED his gift!  I really know how to manifest dinosaur gifts!

Told you it was Amazing!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

April 12X12

April was all about the Tuesday Farmer’s Market!

1  Maui Rising… Doesn’t it look beautiful!  This was taken on my way to the dump (There is no trash service in Hawaii)  2  Liv on her way to the Banyon tree  3  Peter the strawberry farmer.  Dani wrote an article for our monthly town newspaper, about Peter.  This, my reader, is how I became a famous photographer!GASP!  4  Dani works for Peter selling his wonderful fruits and veggies.  5  Mmmm...local strawberries  6  My first cutie eating some soda crackers  7  Sunset  8  The sunset boogie (from behind)  9  Another sunset shot  10 The cutest dad around.  Liv is eying his nummy.  11  The market goodies
12  First strawberry of the year face.  I am not sure if she liked it or not.

There you have it, April 12th!

May 12X12

Every month on the 12th day I take a bunch of photos of my daily activities.  This is May.

1  Beautiful horse on the side of the road.  2  The Dump Store aka, The Boutique (look for a blog post about this)  3  Happy cows  4  Gecko visitor.  ♥  5  The Fig’s sign.  This is hat I stare at while I use the phone.  Sucks to not have cell service at the house!  6  Nursing time (judge if you will)  7  Clean diapers  8  Lola cheesing it up at snack time  9  Jodi, my co-worker and friend  10  Driving  11  The HUGE Centipede Lola and I found while on a bike ride!  Yikes!  Glad he was already dead!  12  The road to my office… kind of makes it hard to go to work!