Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 12X12

Every month on the 12th day I take a bunch of photos of my daily activities.  This is May.

1  Beautiful horse on the side of the road.  2  The Dump Store aka, The Boutique (look for a blog post about this)  3  Happy cows  4  Gecko visitor.  ♥  5  The Fig’s sign.  This is hat I stare at while I use the phone.  Sucks to not have cell service at the house!  6  Nursing time (judge if you will)  7  Clean diapers  8  Lola cheesing it up at snack time  9  Jodi, my co-worker and friend  10  Driving  11  The HUGE Centipede Lola and I found while on a bike ride!  Yikes!  Glad he was already dead!  12  The road to my office… kind of makes it hard to go to work!

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