Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Slice of Heaven?

We are back!
taken from the car on the Kohala Coast
  Back in paradise!
The ocean the morning after the Tsunami.  Taken from the Hilton Waikoloa.
 Back on the Big Island! 
 Honl Beach, Kailua-Kona, HI
I am so happy I could sing.  I would sing right in your ear.  It might not sound great, but you will know I have joy.

Then you would listen more closely and you would start to hear it.  The horrible sound of whining.  The sound of someone who is having a hard time adjusting to paradise.  Poor thing.  Boohoo!  I feel so sorry for you.  NOT!

Anyway... enjoy my sob story.

Welcome to my beautiful new home.
This is the back of the house.
The little building on the left is the outside bathroom, laundry room and storage area.
 I love my yard.
The girls love the freedom of all the unfenced space!

See what I mean by LOVE!
I love the carport aka the living room.

Notice my sweet hubby.  He never wears a shirt.  I love that about him!
I love the free bananas.

The first harvest of Apple Bananas.  They are sweet and delicious!  We usually get 40 to a bunch!
What!!!  I grow effing nanas in my yard?  SWEET!

You know what I don't love?
Brown walls.
This is the yucky color of the walls in most of my house.  
This  sweet gecko is a welcome guest.  He eats b-52's (but that is a whole other story).
So, you may think, "Gosh, I thought Ashtin loved the color brown."  Well, yes, I do, but I don't like poop brown on my walls or furniture.  Plus, this brown matches cane spiders perfectly.  (If you are squeemish, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!)  I HATE spiders and anything else that feels like it needs 8 legs to scurry around.  Why people would eat a crab is beyond me.  Spiders of the sea.  SICK!
Anyway, if you clicked on the link you know what the following means:  SERIOUS!  EFF THAT!  NOPE!  NOT HAVING THAT!  WHAT THE...   I CAN'T....  AHH... AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

But I did.
I did have that.
Insert my horrified face,  or look at these cute ones.
I sure love this face!

I love her too!
Is there a more perfect setting for an outside bath?  I think not!
See, it almost worked.  I almost fooled you.  Sadly, once you have seen the 8 legged spawn of satan in your house you will never be the same.  You will:

*Stare at walls for hours on end just in case there is another one around, all the while hoping you NEVER have to see another one.  And if you do,  praying it doesn't move because that makes the whole ordeal 100 times more scary.

*Duck around the halls.

*Sleep in a tent... 
I even have a full size mattress in there!
In your living room... 
fyi, my sweet husband came up with the idea.  Actually, we bought his huge tent for $15 dollars at a yard sale and we had set it up for a "fun" surprise for the girls... little did we know it was going to become the master bedroom!
For SEVERAL weeks... 
Like 4!

Okay, I know you are thinking... is she crazy?  Maybe.  I guess you could say that this fear has taken over my life.  Maybe what I am doing is unhealthy. I don't care.  I am sleeping, and I am not afraid.  Ha!
Tell me what you think.  What would you do?


Dani and Johnny Kennedy said...

I would keep sleeping in the tent. Especially if I had shorts that matched it, like Brian does. Unfortunately tents don't fit in buses, so I just send messages to my cane spider houseguests to please please please stay out of my bed, and my life if possible, thank you.

Erin said...

Oh man once years ago in Kauai I was trapped in the back of a rented mini-van with my sisters when a cane spider went running up the window INCHES FROM MY FACE. I screamed and my sisters screamed and my dad nearly crashed the car. It was horrible. Then he took the van back to the rental place and got another. Not sure what happened to the spider.

Becky Youkstetter said...

I would have hopped on an airplane and never gone back! :)

I miss you guys so much. Thank you for posting such adorable pictures of your family.

I am super jealous of the bananas!

Love you!

Annegirl said...

I.Pushed.The.Link....You have got to be kidding me, a four inch spider? Lock up your kittens, people. That's amazing. Your tent looks cozy and safe, your yard lovely and those babies as gorgeous as ever. Wish my hubsters never wore a shirt, lucky girl you are! We still talk about you guys need an address for E to write Lola! She tells me she wants to go see you guys for her bday at the end of this month. Don't I wish it! This cold weather is rattling my brittle old bones. Wow, that cupboard sounds so so beautiful, can't wait to see pictures and I will email you the recipe! Love ya, & you should totally go swimming for me is snowing here I want to live vicariously through your good times!