Thursday, January 13, 2011

12of12 Challenge 2011


1. 30 years and 7days: someone should have told me about all my sun spots! 2. packing a snack for Liv 3. what to wear? The joys of girls! 4. Sweet girls eating breakfast (Cheerios) 5. Mirror on the wall. 6. Dancing 7. Twirling... she just loves to dance! 8. Animal, Vegatable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. What did you expect me to be reading? 9. Our brief plane ride in the January air. 10. Fishing poles on the Jetta. You never know when you will see a good fishing hole... 11. I made the mask for Christmas. It is a snow fox and she took it for her Share Day at school. Gold star for me! 12. Computer time. I was trying to pick a movie on Netflix.

Here it is, friends, the first day of my 12of12 Challenge: 12 pictures of the 12th day for 12 months. This sounds so fun!
It is another way for me to remember that I am living a life less ordinary.
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Leigh and Craig said...

I love Barbara Kingsolver. I haven't read anything of hers forever and I miss. Oh, and you and your family are adorable

Meili said...

Oh yay! I didn't realize you had posted last month's 12of12 until now. I just read Lola's comment about how her parents are sensitive and have caring hearts. Is there a better compliment in the world?

hartkev said...

I'm sorry, but were gonna need an update soon. Hows that shaved ice and thai food cleanse treatin you?