Friday, March 16, 2007

Flu, Poo and Hats

Lola and I had the flu. It was terrible! We were sick, sad, and in need of lots of love. This was my first experience with Influenza, and I would rather have 6,000 babies at 1 time than EVER have the flu again. I have decided to share a picture that decribes how it feels to have the flu:

Having the flu makes you feel like poo. Actually, it feels like you are wearing poo on your head! Yikes! On a brighter note, Lola has started dressing herself! Sometimes she just points to the clothes she wants to wear (the picture on the left is a prime example) and other times she just wants to wear hats. She looks like a backwards smurf in this photo!


Jen said...

I was at Tara's when I read your post. I laughed out loud. I just love all your little movies. I'm gonna do that too when I figure it out!

Barb Maupin said...

Ashtin---hugs & kisses from OKC! We came up here for Tony's grandmother's 80th b-day. It's Saturday night and me and my sister in law are groovin' to her new record player playing all her old 80's albums. The Smirnoff bottles of whatever and the Lone Star Beer (tastes like piss water) means we're having a good time. I pulled up your blog for her to see you since I've told her about you guys. Uh-oh! She just put on one of my favorite 80's song----Buffalo Stance!! Gotta go turn on the disco ball and boogie. And yes, she does have a real disco ball. Calvin & Tony said "hi". Talk to you soon!!!