Wednesday, March 28, 2007

To Grammy's House we go...

Well, it has been 1 week since Lola and I set out on our adventure. Since Kevin was getting married in Las Vegas, I decided it would be the perfect excuse to spend a few days at my Dad's house. Lola is an experienced flyer (is this a word?), but our flight was PACKED and this was the 1st time she had to sit on my lap. I got in trouble because I let her stand up while we were taking off so I strapped her in with me. Then I got in trouble for having her strapped in. What is a mom to do? She is a lot stronger than she used to be, and the stiff baby on a plane is tough. With a lot of wiggling and kicking of the seat ahead of us, we made it!
When we got off the plane Suzy was there to greet us with bribes for Lola. She had gummy bears, crackers and a baby doll! Needless to say, Lola loved her! Dad on the other hand wasn't so lucky. Lola is not a huge fan of facial hair, so Dad had to work a bit harder to win her over. He was sad because kids flock to him. Dillon and Andy took Lola on walks, jumped with her on the tramp, played in the rocks and gave her tons of love. Grace took big bubble baths with her, read her stories, played babies and sang songs.
They are building a new house that is beautiful. We were hoping that we would be able to stay there, but a lot of work needed to be done. Lola and I helped out in Gracie's class and the kids got to introduce us. Andy told the class that I was his sister and this was Lola, his favorite niece because she was the only one.
Brian got into town late Saturday night and he was able to spend some time with my family too. We had an awesome time in St. George, and we can't wait to go back. Then we were off to Las Vegas..............
Here is the link to pictures of our trip

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