Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Love and Marriage

Las Vegas. Sin City. The Strip. Viva Lost Wages. Location of many nuptuals.

May we introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hart!!! That is right, Kevin got married yesterday in Las Vegas. So, instead of letting the happy couple elope, the family followed them to the Garden of Love. She wore a beautiful dress, had the prettiest pink roses and was so happy to marry Kevin. The ceremony was sweet. They sealed the ring exchange with a kiss on the rings. I think that was my favorite part.

I've never been to a Vegas wedding before so I wasn't sure what to expect. The way it works... You change into your wedding atire, choose a chapel, tie the knot, pick a bouquet and a ring if you don't have one, pay and leave. Crazy! Okay, that is for people who are drunk. Kevin and Felicia had their wedding all planned out. I was the first person at the chapel and I was able to witness some love birds! There was a couple that was trying to decide which room to choose. Bride: " I don't care, it is just the two of us." Groom: "You go ahead and pick, Honey." Bride: (yelling) "Make a decision for once!" Groom: "We'll take that one."

When Brian flew into town the weather was really nice. We have had such rainy weather in WA he was really excited to feel the sun on his skin. Anyway, he is waiting for the shuttle and he sees a man who looks a little down on his luck. Brian says, "Gee Mister, You sure are lucky to live here." Man says, "I wish I was dead." Vegas is such a weird place, not my favorite city to visit. It is usually so stinking hot. You walk miles and miles in the scorching sun and have boob sweat stains. Yuck! Then you go into a casino and have an old person blow smoke in your face. Double yuck. I leave there with a distinct film on my body. YUCK! Well, this time it was quite cold. There was an arctic wind that could compete with Gold Beach. Just another example of me not packing for any type of weather.

We are really happy we were able to be at Kevin's wedding. We had a great vacation, and we didn't loose too much money. However, we won't miss Vegas. When we got home the first thing Lola did was put on her favorite boots and hat. It is good to be home!

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