Saturday, November 08, 2008


Lola was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I made her costume, and was quite pleased with myself. She liked the dress, but was most pleased with her ruby slippers. She asked her dog, Sandy, if she would be Toto, and of course Sandy agreed.
She wore the costume a few times before Halloween. Her HIPPY group had a parade, we went to a cookie frosting party at the LC, and then did the trick-ot-treat thing at the Old Airport where they set up Candy Land- it was awesome. People on the street took her picture, actually lots of strangers take her picture... I guess she is just that cute. Anyway, her are a few pictures of the girl- I never managed to get a posed picture of Lola and Sandy, but they were fetching adorable.

Sitting on the steps doing the Molly.

Wandering on the Hawaiian version of the Yellow Brick Road.

And excited about the treat bag from the Popo, aka police man.

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