Monday, September 15, 2008

Jessica is great

She is doing a lot of really wonderful things in her life. I want do do some of the same thing. She educates me and gets me excited aboutways to make my life more meaningful. It is nice to have someone so positive and kind in my life. So, beyond that here are the other things that I admire you for (some of these things are super superficial... oh well).
*You are thin and curvy. who has a body like that? After 2 kids!!! I don't really think it is fair.
*You had the desire and balls to dread your hair. It could have looked weird, but you didn't care! You dreaded your hair, and it suits you!!! That is just plain awesome! (Arwen, you are there too!)
*You are strong! You have the diet discipline of a robot. Simply amazing!
*You have garden space, and you are doing good things with it! How I miss that. I am excited to find some land we can garden on. I CAN'T WAIT.
*You will be raising chickens. In the middle of the city. Nice.
*There are more things, but I am tired. So, I might tell you some other time.


Midge said...

i'll dread your hair FOR FREE (if you'd like to fly me over there *wink wink*)

Rizzle said...

I really like jess too.

Ashes said...

Yeah, she is nice. As for free hair... I don't know what to do with this crap I call hair. I could really use a wig. Plus, free isn't really free, but if you want to visit and sleep at my house and eat fresh fruit with us, that could be free!

jess said...

Oh...thanks. I think you are great too!