Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Day B93.7 got up in my face

I have always listened to Classic Rock. I love it. I believe in listening to music of our past. Just because the music is old, doesn't mean it should be forgotten. Sometimes the music is MUCH better than the music currently being produced.

So, here I am, just living the dream in sunny Kona, on my way to pick up Brian. I was feeling cute, had the sunroof and the windows down, stereo blasting, my ponytail was flipping in the wind. I am thinking I freaking LOVE this song! This is the best day EVER! Go ahead and enjoy this moment with me.

I am remembering the first time I heard the song. I was sitting in the hall next to the Drama room when Andy West walks up wearing his headphones.

Andy: "This is the best song I have ever heard."

Ashtin: "Who are you listening to?"

Andy: "Green Day."

Ashtin: "I LOVE Green Day."

Andy: "You have to listen to this, I cried the first time I heard it."

I remember this like it was yesterday.

**Back to the car**

So as the song ends the radio station commercial breaks in and says (i wish I knew how to insert musical notes) "we'll be right back with more Classic Rock on B93.7."

Wait, What?!? Seriously, WTF? When did Gren Day become Classic Rock? When did the music of my time become classic? I am an old bag. I usually don't feel old, just semi-responsible, but this... I don't really have words to express what I am feeling.


Midge said...

ha..... they also play Greenday on the "Soft Rock" channel here "On The Main Land"

this is a good song, but unfortunately, I have to go on recond and i hope we can still be friends..... Greenday is one of the two concerts I've ever walked out of.

On a similarly unrelated note: this was our graduation song in high school. I just joined the 10 Year Reunion group on facebook.
it makes me feel old.

Ashes said...

I never siad that I went to Green Day concerts. I just said I enjoy the music. Truth is, I don't really like to look at his withered punk-rock face. The music just reminds me of good times. THE END!

Sorry about the the 10 year reunion group. I am wondering if I will be invited to my 10 year. Hmmm.

jess said...

I LOVED (and still love) this song. I was so happy when it started playing just now. Does he sort of look like beetle juice a little? No is it just me? Well he is creepy non-the-less.

I was just realizing that I will have been graduated 10 years in 2009? What the??? Why do I drive a mini van, have two kids, and have been out of high school ten years?! I feel as if I should still be hanging out with friends all night and playing pranks on people (ry and I use to do this quite frequently). Sometimes it makes me sad that I grew up so quickly. But at the same time I wouldn't change my life. Hmmm...