Saturday, November 15, 2008

lazy days

Ahhh, Saturday..............

This morning when I woke up I was so cold that I put on my late spring in Seattle outfits. Dress, leggings and a hoodie. I even put my hair in two messy piggy-buns. After feeling cold for a few hours, I realize that I don't ever want to come back. I don't like to be cold. Serious.

It rained, no it poured last night. Just in time too, our plants were looking sad and I wasn't about to waste my water on plants. This is the first time I have lived with anything other than city water, and this whole water catchment thing is tricky. We catch rain from our roof, and it fills the 10,000 gallon tank. Sounds simple- like you could possibly be drinking lots of bird turds- but simple. Well, it is not. We are supposed to put bleach in to purify the water and keep the mosquito population down.

Does that freak you out?

It freaks me out a bit, but I am pushing through.

Anyway, we went to check the tank yesterday just to find that in the 14 days we have been living here we have used 6 inches worth of water. That is a lot of water! I wasn't aware for this particular character flaw until now, but I am a Water Waster! I suck! Oh, and the PH is WAY too high.

So, until further notice, don't drink our water. Yeah. We should be good to go in a few days, but...

Back to the rain. Lola and I were dancing around while Brian was hooting and hollering about living off the land and the way things should be. It may as well have been the full moon too. It was a wonderful night.
Do you know what a tropical storm sounds like on a metal roof?


Music, Peace. Rain. Heaven.

Bri checked the tank this morning, and it was over flowing! Do you know what that means? We collected well over 12 inches of water!

Moving on. We decided we should hit the beach today, along with YARD SALES! The best thing about the island. People price things to sale. I got 2 skirts and 2 shirts for $1.00. The big bonus... the free boxes. We got a avocados, liliko'i aka passion
fruit, guava and a papaya. These are literally YARD sales- okay Giveaways!

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Midge said...

I'm glad we're not related... that's how I know I like you for reals and not just because I have to :)