Friday, February 02, 2007

This and That

A few things to say:

1- I did Lola's hair with the round brush yesterday. It was cute, but a bit Amish for my liking.

2- We really want a kitty, but I refuse to pay $400. The neighbor's cat will work just fine.

3- Lola has been up since 7am and has only had 1 accident! Potty training will soon be a success!


tara said...

i love the amish hair! lol. so cute. once upon a time i went to get my hair cut at supercuts (yes, a mistake). i wanted it chin length and angled (a little longer in the front) but the dumb lady did the complete opposite and made it long in the bck and rounded up in the front...i looked like an amish girl too. (or amish boy) me and lola could be twinkies.

kaydub said...

Dang, she's cute! And I loved the Amish-look ... until I panned down to Randy Quaid, and got a little creeped out! I creeped even further as I realized how much Lola looks like Bri at that age. She's still pretty as can be ... but the creepage came when I realized how pretty Brian is.

Anonymous said...

You're alive!! So glad to see you made it back from Hawaii and that you survived the move. I'm hoping that our contact info is packed away somewhere and that's why we haven't heard from you. Your friends (and brief neighbors in Portland) miss you guys. Hope to hear from you soon. Never done this before so I hope my comment reaches you. Email me! Addresses are our individual names

Jen said...

Hey, Cuz! I love all the pictures you have on your blog. It's really fun and makes mine feel boring.I've got to stick you on my links! Talk soon.