Monday, November 27, 2006

Gobble... Gobble... Gobble

Thanksgiving was awesome!!! We ate until we were fat! We munched until we were sick! We were disgusting! Lola put on her reserved act and fooled the Hart family into thinking that she never cries or screams. What a sly girl! We took a hike and found Chantrelle mushrooms. Brian packed Lo on his back. She loves being outside! Lola started saying Grandma, and Grandma rewarded her with the Thanksgiving dishes. We played games, Lola dug in the gravel (Looks like she will be a rock hound too!), and enjoyed the company of family! I guess that is what Thanksgiving is about! I am most thankful for my little family. The make my life complete. Love is powerful. I missed my family in Utah, but I shall see you one day soon.

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