Wednesday, March 31, 2010

High Hopes

*****Please excuse the photos. God was not nice when he gave me a potato head, and Brian would like you to know that the moustache was a joke. *****

The other night I had a dream/nightmare where I find out that I am pregnant. I go into the The Baby Place (by the way, look at the new arrivals under October!!!) insisting to speak with Colleen all the while feeling SO embarrassed that I am pregnant already. Holly asks what is wrong and I hold up a pregnancy test stick all dramatic like.

I woke up feeling scared, embarrassed, surprised, stupid, excited.... too many things for 5:30 am.
So I tell my friend who, in return, reveals that she really is pregnant (with one of those "we didn't even have intercourse" stories that freak you out). So we start talking about birth control namely the Femcap. She tells me that I can just go get one from the midwives, it will last for a year and it works great when you use it.

I have decided I want to go the Famcap route and start telling Brian all about it. The following is how the conversation went:

A: "It is like $75.00 and it lasts for a year!"
B: "How does it work?"
A: "Well you have to put it in every time."
B "Eww."
A: >: (
B: "Well how do they know how many to send you?"
A: "What do you mean?"
B: "I mean, how do they know how much sex you are going to have. You said it lasts for a year."
A: "Yeah. Well, I guess they figure the product needs to be replaced every year. Maybe they get old."
B: "But how many do they send you? What like 60 a month?"
A: "No, you get 1. Wait... you thought... HA! HAHA! HAHAHAAAAA!"

I love that guy!

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Leigh and Craig said...

First of all, 60 a month? if you are doing it that! Second of all, who wants a mustache ride?

Ashes said...

Ha! Funny stuff... did you see that I accidently named your blog leigh and crain! Ha!

misty dawn said...

Oh you kill me.....I was just dying laughing.....

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joven said...

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