Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Let me start by saying that my blog is really ugly. Just like me, it needs a makeover. So, as you may have already noticed, I have changed the name from ...So Excited I Could Pee to my favorite quote from Lola, "Boise is Beautiful and Hideous."
Okay, on to bigger and better or equally boring things.
1. I think I may be a terrible mother. I just made grilled cheeses for dinner. One got a little burned and the other was the most glorious looking sandwich I have ever seen. It was all golden and bubbly inside... yum! Anyway, i decided that i would give Lola the delish one, but I cut it into 4ths, and traded the most burned part of mine with her. What is wrong with me? That is not motherly at all! Moms are supposed to eat the crap and like it.
2. My cousin died this past weekend. Possible overdose, possible homicide, the findings are inconclusive at this point. I should have cried. I am sad, but can't actually feel the emotion. One may think I am in shock, but I am not sure that would be true. I have had 3 family members die since last Thanksgiving. WTF? Can this year just be over already! Anyway, it has me thinking about my pregnancy with Lola. I was the typical hormonal basket case. I cried over the most ridiculous things! Gosh, I felt like such a girl! Then she was born and I had zero emotion for about 1.5 years. I was a lot like a vampire. I knew there was supposed to be emotion, but tears were a thing of the past. So, am I there again? Hmmm.
3. My belly feels HUGE! I am 32 weeks and have 8 to go. Where is this baby going to grow? I waddle and feel like I am sitting on her head. I hope she isn't all squishy when I deliver. Oh, and what am I going name her??? The nameless baby! Lola was picked out by 3 months... I guess it is true that the second child doesn't get the same kind of attention as the first. I just thought I would at least name her.
4.I have decided to take up blogging again even though it isn't popular anymore.
5.Brian has a new job. Do you know what he is doing tonight? He is at the State Fair with a client. Lucky duck! I want to go to the fair! I mean, who doesn't like to see the giant horse dong? Really? Why do they have things like that? Sick!
Anyway, this is what I've got. peace

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Rizzle said...

Glad you're blogging. Glad Brians working.
We love y'all!