Monday, April 14, 2008

Hawaii or bust!!!! here we go. Another chapter in the lives of the Hart family. heard it right we are moving to the big island of Hawaii!!!!! Brian accepted the program coordinator position with Full Life Hawaii. He will be the manager for one of the learning centers in Kealakekua, HI. This is found 12 miles south of Kona on the West side of the Island. Our dreams have finally come true. Lola is getting confused as we are selling and donating all of our earthly possessions to make this move a reality. Who needs the comfort of a TV or a computer? Ok, so we will have a computer but other than that, we are just taking the cloths on our backs. Our cars, most our cloths, toys, electronics, food, everything gone! I love the freedom this is providing! Brian leaves on May 6th and Ashtin will be following with Lola one month later. Ash is going home to say goodbye and farewell to family and friends. We are still planning on coming back for this Christmas, so we will see you all then. We will also be keeping this blog, so you will be updated as our adventure progresses. Thank you all for the prayers and support on Bri and Ash's excellent adventure!

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